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President's Report

I had a nice mid week trip to Mammoth recently. Sure wasnít much snow; but it was good snow and no crowds make it super fun on empty runs.

I only got knocked off my skis once in a collision and had to explain that the other personís telling me I cut in front of him was actually an admission of guilt on his part. Dave Bowes recommended carrying the Mammoth Hotline & Responsibility code card that the mountain makes available most places you can get lift maps. These cards show the person that knocked you down that you had the right of way since they came from above you. As soon as I was carrying the card, nobody came close to hitting me.

I thought I'd try to review a few things. The limited food storage area dictates the use of small coolers and food storage boxes. Unfortunately, a lot of members are forgetting we are required to use mouse proof containers for our food. A plastic box with a lid is good. If we get mice living in the chalet, it's drastically going to reduce the quality of life there. Please remember to round up all your gear into less space before going to bed each evening because many more people may show up in the middle of the night in need of a place to sleep.

Have fun and help others do the same, Art Grigg



Racer of the Year Awards - 2015

  Winning the SICO 2014-2015 Trophy
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  Winning the Rokka 2013-2014 Trophy
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San Diego Beats Westwood!
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Member's trip reports

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 Backcountry Adventures


Old Man’s bowl above Convict Lake

Any good trip to the Sierras involves the obligatory 395 drive. When some friends invited me to skin up from Convict Lake and get some late spring skiing, I appreciated  the ground cover on the way up.

Verbina on 395

Camping at Convict Lake

My friends were living the good life at the Convict Lake resort, but it seemed a little crowded, so I parked the camper at the lake under the no camping sign. It was a beautiful night and we got an early start up canyon the next morning. Along with my friend Mark, I was using AT gear, which is similar to Alpine but lighter. Marks two friends were using tele gear and pretty lightweight at that. From the parking lot and facing the lake, you just start skinning up the obvious weakness on the left side.

Skinning up at the start

After some huffing and puffing, the drainage opens up and you get away from any slopes that could pose avy problems. It was a beautiful spring day and the temperatures were not that cold, but a pretty good wind was blowing. After the first section, you could look back on Owens Valley in a widening panorama. In contrast to the bottom of the route, there was good coverage over obstacles further up.

                     Getting some altitude

After a nice lunch break, my friends skied the bowl while I went further up the canyon and got some good snow on some shorter runs. It was a beautiful day and even the wind slowed down a little. The turns down the intermediate level valley were definitely worth the work of the skin up. The snow had gotten in good shape, until we got closer to the lake. It got a little too soft there and the snow was thin. We kind of had a race back to the parking lot thru stands of small trees and brush, just the kind of bushwacking that San Gorgonio teaches the aspiring skier. A great day and highly recommended for a beginning backcountry skier, as long as you are careful about the avy areas. I am perhaps overly cautious, but that is just me.

If anyone has any backcountry stories, please drop me a line and I would like to include them here.




Chalet Report


The Chalet reservation system is the BEST way to reserve a bed. No missed calls, no waiting for a callback, no delay waiting for the door code, no unknown reservations. Changes can be made easily. and OPEN PORTAL

If the link to the password and your membership roster are not helpful, call the helpline with your computer OPEN. 619-246-3371.

Remember, this is a communal arrangement. We all need to be considerate of those around us. Then the Chalet can be an enjoyable experience. You may find a new ski buddy or dinner date.

Online Reservation System Features

  • Make same-day reservations, even from your cell phone, for you and guests
  • Pay with PayPal or credit card, as well as by mailing a check
  • Know who will be at the Chalet
  • Arrange carpools
  • Extend your stay
  • Cancel your stay (by 6pm of that evening)
  • Book club events and trips online

You will receive emails reminding you of the code, and if you did not pre-pay, you will receive an email reminding you to pay.

Get help signing on and navigating the system at the October BBQ meeting (bring your own equipment if you would like), or after each general meeting during the Chalet Orientation.

Making Chalet Reservations by Phone

Member can lose use of chalet for not following rules.

1. Remember to call Chalet reservations at least 36 hours prior to departure , or you may have to find somewhere else to stay the first night or so, especially if it is a busy weekend and the Chalet is already full.

2. Don’t forget to leave a cell call back number, as the roster may only have your home number and the reservation phone does not always record the number you call from.

3. If you do not cancel before 6 PM of your reservation, you owe for that night.

We appreciate the job Jim Patzold does as the club member in charge of reservations. Please make his job easier by following the above rules.

San Diego Ski Club Officers 2017/18
President         David Sones

Vice President  Wayne Croston

Secretary         Xenia Moore

Treasurer         Karen Metzger

Past President  Art Grigg

Membership      Jim Ward

Race Director    Jerry Stokely

Chalet Manager  Lynn Kramer

Chalet Reservations Jim Patzold

Newsletter          John Desrosiers

Webmaster         Jeffrey Meyerson

Directors:           Kelly Bryan

                           Lynn Kramer

Council Reps:     Tom Bundgard (?)

                           Jim Patzold


Trustees               Erin Barber

                             Jerry Stokely
                             Norm Tang

Yahoo Groups is a great way to communicate with other members.

San Diego Ski Club has its own group, called SDSKICLUB.

Here is a step by step signup procedure:

1) Open the Internet

2) Type in the address bar (no www)

 3) In the exact center of the screen, there is a box that says “Find a Yahoo Group” type sdskiclub.

 4) Hit Search.

5) Our group should pop up. Click Join This Group under the logo.

 6) This group is private to our club, so at this point, the program will ask the administrator for permission for you to join. Allow a couple days for a response. This step is necessary in order to keep the group for club members only. If you have a Yahoo, Ymail, sbcglobal, pacbell, att or rocketmail email address, you can sign in.

7) If you don’t have one of the above, click Sign Up. Follow the instructions until you are back at the sign in page.

That’s it. You’re in. You can now get a ride, post photos, sell your skis, or check the online calendar.



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2013 Work Party
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Dave Moody making the drop in questionable snow

1939 SDSC chalet in Cuyamacca

Jewel Levne

Racing old style

Robert Bland San Gorgonio



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Jay Zampori

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Art Grigg, Jerry, Lynn and Erin collecting medals